Lampard expects a lot from Carlo

04 June 2009 02:29
Frank Lampard is optimistic new Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti can take the club to the next level. Lampard is currently preparing for England's double World Cup header with Kazhakstan in Almaty and Andorra at Wembley next Wednesday, but he is already excited at the prospect of working under the Italian - especially with him being linked with bringing star players such as Kaka to Stamford Bridge. Lampard told PA Sport: "Can Ancelotti take Chelsea to the next level? I hope so. I am sure the club hope so. It is a very good and positive appointment." He added: "I think we all had a great time under Guus Hiddink for six months, but we all knew that was going to come to an end and we all respected that. "Ancelotti has been a very impressive manager with the titles he has won, the players he has worked with, and particularly with the bond he seems to strike with his players. "I have been lucky to have that with a lot of my managers, particularly Jose Mourinho and Guus Hiddink, and everyone I have spoken to about Ancelotti, who has worked closely with him, gives him lots of praise as a man and as a manager. "Myself and the Chelsea boys here are very excited about the future." Lampard has confidence in what Ancelotti can bring to the Blues especially after his experiences under fellow Italian managers in Claudio Ranieri and current England boss Fabio Capello. He said: "All Italian managers I have played under, and there have been a few now, all come from the same kind of stock. They are very aware of fitness, of tactics and they have had a big input into our game. "When I first came to Chelsea, I played under Claudio Ranieri, and he certainly had a big impact on me, on how I lived my life and how I trained and Fabio Capello has been a very positive influence."

Source: Eurosport