Lampard backs World Cup bid

10 October 2009 04:08
Frank Lampard has given his backing to England's World Cup bid and feels there are "so many reasons" why they should stage the 2018 tournament. The England and Chelsea midfielder believes no other country can match the facilities on offer in England or the passion of the supporters. He told "There are so many reasons why England would be a great place for the World Cup. I was a teenager when we hosted the Euros in 1996, and that was a fantastic competition." He added: "We obviously have the stadiums and I don't think there's anyone in the world that could rival the stadiums we have, that's for sure, because I've travelled and seen stadiums all over the world. "We have the fans with an incredible passion to hold the World Cup and I know that the country will do everything to make it right for people to travel. "The different cultures that we have in England already and the way we would accept people coming in to watch all their teams would be good. "I think there is a real history with England and football, with Wembley Stadium as well, and although there is real competition if we go about it in the right way then for me, although I'm obviously biased, England would be a fantastic choice." Lampard added: "The World Cup is the biggest competition out there. I grew up watching England whenever there was a tournament and I probably remember the 1990 World Cup more than any, but also the '86 tournament as well. "The 1990 era was a great generation to watch with the likes of Gazza and Gary Lineker and I have a particular memory of David Platt's goal against Belgium."

Source: Eurosport