Lampard backing for 'passionate' Terry

21 June 2010 11:30
Midfielder Frank Lampard insists England and Chelsea team-mate John Terry spoke out on Sunday because he wants to "hit things head-on".[LNB] Former captain John Terry laid bare a series of grievances and personnel issues yesterday which he vowed to raise at a pre-planned team meeting with manager Fabio Capello last night.[LNB]Opinion has been mixed about Terry's motives for speaking out, but Lampard said at a Monday press conference: "I don't think anyone wants to give too much away about what was said.[LNB]"I think it's been particularly overdone in terms of a 'crisis meeting'...but I understand what John Terry was saying because he's passionate like that, as a player as a person.[LNB]"Every person deals with things differently. Some won't say much and others want to hit things head-on.[LNB]"But people want to see a reaction and people have said he (Terry) has said some positive things.[LNB]"We'll try to hit things head-on on the training ground."[LNB]Lampard added at the gathering at England's World Cup training camp in Rustenburg: "It seems to me the manager and (number two) Franco Baldini have always been very approachable."[LNB]Lampard gave his unequivocal backing to Capello, insisting that he wanted him to stay in the job after the World Cup.[LNB]He said: "It's always been the same thing with football - you have your up and down moments."[LNB]He added: "I've really enjoyed working with him and, yes, I would like him to stay.[LNB]"I've been lucky enough to work with some fantastic managers and Fabio Capello is right up there."[LNB]The Chelsea midfielder dismissed the suggestion that, by picking out Wayne Rooney and Joe Cole as players who could "unlock defences", club team-mate Terry had offended him.[LNB]"I don't think players are that sensitive," he said. "I wasn't knocking John's door down saying 'Do you think I can't unlock a defence'."[LNB]Following Terry's press conference yesterday, the meeting between players and coaching staff was billed as a chance to clear the air with the former captain promising a frank exchange of views.[LNB]But Lampard said: "The meeting was just the manager dealing with the Algeria match and we moved on."[LNB]Lampard revealed nine players discussed concerns over a beer after the Algeria game but Lampard said: "I'm not a rebel - but I've had my moments! The fact I'm seen as 'a rebel' baffles me.[LNB]"It was lads sitting down talking about the game. That's the only way I've known a team to talk about results. Socialising is a completely normal thing."[LNB]On Capello he added: "I'm sure he's spoken to certain individuals because there are times he's done it to me.[LNB]"He's a strong manager and his style is very strong but we respect him very much, have faith in him and have faith we'll win on Wednesday."[LNB]The Chelsea midfielder, who revealed he does not know the line-up for the Slovenia game yet, also spoke out for David Beckham.[LNB]Lampard said: "He is not just for picking up tops. I think he has got a nice sentiment and a way of approaching people and making them feel comfortable. He's seen a lot and spoken to me at times. He's been a very helpful presence.[LNB]"One player a day comes here to speak - but what matters now is Wednesday."

Source: Team_Talk