King comfortable with partner Terry

06 June 2010 09:32
edley King insists he can forge a successful England pairing with John Terry despite their lack of action together in matches and in training.[LNB] King's chances of starting the World Cup have increased with skipper Rio Ferdinand forced to withdraw with a knee ligament injury.[LNB]The Tottenham defender's long-standing knee problem is well documented and means he is confined to gym work for the majority of the time.[LNB]He has also not started a match for his country in tandem with Terry since the European Championship qualifier with Estonia in June 2007.[LNB]But King believes he can overcome such obstacles, which pale into insignificance compared with the fitness battles he has had to battle with for the past three years.[LNB]He said: "We are not going to have much time to do it - regardless of me training once or twice a week.[LNB]"But I have known John for a long time, he is a great communicator on the pitch, and that is what you need.[LNB]"He is an experienced player, as am I, and I wouldn't see a problem if we're needed to play together.[LNB]"If the communication is good within the back four, you have a good chance.[LNB]"I have also been playing long enough now to know my position. I try to keep an eye on the training and especially set-pieces which are important.[LNB]"If I do that, I'll know where to be on the pitch."[LNB]King said his love of football was a driving force during the low periods with his knee.[LNB]And he was always confident of being able to play for England again if he could stay fit and get a run of games under his belt.[LNB]He said: "This season has been quite difficult for me. I've had a lot of muscle injuries.[LNB]"You start to wonder if you are going to make it or whether your time is running out. But I've never stopped believing and I finally got my reward.[LNB]"I wouldn't say I doubted whether I would ever get back in an England shirt.[LNB]"I always believed, if I could stay fit for a long period of time, that I always had a chance.[LNB]"I did that towards the end of the season and showed I can play games in succession at Tottenham."[LNB]Asked what kept him going through the bad times, King added: "I love football, I love playing.[LNB]"Of course, there have been some difficult moments over the last few years.[LNB]"I don't necessarily enjoy the work I have to do inside when all the lads are outside on the training ground. It can be frustrating.[LNB]"But, as a professional, I have to do that to be able to play matches. Like I said, I love football and that is what has kept me going."[LNB]King admits he owes a debt to Fabio Capello for allowing him to replicate the routine he has employed at Tottenham to ensure he stays fit.[LNB]He said: "The medical team and the manager here have been great. They said to do the things I have been doing at Tottenham and not to change things too much.[LNB]"At the training camp in Austria, I did have the help of a fitness coach from Tottenham who I work with on a daily basis.[LNB]"He showed what I do daily and now it is working fine with the England medical team here."[LNB]Central defender Matthew Upson is expected to resume training tomorrow after being absent for a second successive session with a high temperature.[LNB]He was the only member of the 23 strong squad not put through their paces ahead of tomorrow's practice match with the Platinum Stars.[LNB]A Football Association spokesman said: "Matthew is in the gym today. He is feeling a lot better and will train tomorrow."

Source: Team_Talk