JT takes one for the team...

22 June 2010 01:02
. now they have to win for him England will never truly succeed until we all bow down to the God that is Capello.That would seem to be the message coming out of the England camp following John Terry’s bold attempt to galvanise the players ahead of tomorrow's crunch group match against Slovenia.JT has done what he has done many times at Chelsea - taken the bull by the horns and given it a good old shake-up.When Chelsea were looking as if their season was going nowhere with 12 games to go, JT Lamps and Drogs pulled the players together - had a heart-to-heart and reminded each other just what was at stake.It needed that meeting to focus the players’ attention on just what they might lose out on.It worked and, as they say, the rest is history, the Blues went on to win the league and FA Cup Double.JT went public two days ago to challenge the players to do better. He knows what it takes to be a success - he has also knows that it’s probably his last World Cup and he does not want it to be a embarrassment - JT has a sense of legacy.He knows privately that many of the England players were with him - he took the high-risk strategy of challenging Capello.It worked.JT might have issued the bog-standard apology, but you can't put that particular genie back in the box.The message is clear - JT will not leave this World Cup with his head between his legs - he will go down fighting.I fully expect England to put Slovenia to the sword tomorrow and England will be moving on to face more difficult games.The kick up the backside was needed for the players and the management team - JT provided that.He shows what an extraordinary footballing individual he is.Chelsea and England need JT far more than JT needs either of them. It’s brilliant that he has put himself right in the firing line for his players and country.The same cannot be said of Capello.