Inter Milan v Chelsea: Jose Mourinho says Chelsea would have won more titles with him

16 February 2010 09:22
'Chelsea have suffered in the last two years, and it's no coincidence that their decline happened after I left,' said Mourinho.

'We had a unique relationship as a manager, players and fans, and when you break that, it's not easy to fix. They've had a lot of coaches since and maybe some didn't have the mentality for the club. Maybe they tried to change too much of what we put in place.

'I knew there was no time for a long-term plan with the owner they have at Stamford Bridge. You must win the title in your first season or say bye-bye. I gave them what they needed but I always knew it wasn't a job that would last forever. Maybe they would have been better off sticking with me than changing manager when they did.'

Chelsea's only trophy since Mourinho's departure was last season's FA Cup, won under Guus Hiddink, one of four men who have managed the club since the Portuguese left Stamford Bridge.

Mourinho faced Ancelotti as rivals in Milan before the Italian's move to the Premier League and the pair were at odds from the moment Mourinho arrived in the city.

'Ancelotti is no friend of mine and this won't change,' said Mourinho. 'In England, you're shown respect if you're a foreign coach who comes in and offers his experience and knowledge.

'But in Italy, this respect only comes if you're born as an Italian. Someone like me, the foreigner, isn't considered worthy of being here. This is why I say I was happier working in England.

'Inter have asked me to try to win the Champions League for them, and I'll attempt to give them this - so they're stuck with me for a little while yet. Now we have to play an important couple of matches against Chelsea and this is obviously a very special game for me.

'But I'm a part of Chelsea's history forever and they'll always be a big part of me. Let's see if Ancelotti can finish his time at Chelsea with a record as good as mine.'

Source: Telegraph