If Chelsea wins the Europa League...

14 May 2013 11:09

Europa League glory beckons Chelsea tomorrow and they would surely be the favourite to win going into the match against the Portuguese outfit Benfica.The game is Chelsea’s last chance at silverware this season which has been a disappointing one if we consider the club’s standards and the talent they possess. The title might not make Roman Abramovich content but it might bring a few smiles to the club’s faithful who have had to digest tough management decisions like the appointment of Rafa Benitez.Even if Chelsea manages to win the cup or suffer an upset at the hands of their opponent, they will still go into the off season with many issues to ponder such as.


The “interim” appointment of Benitez has been met with jeers match after match and even if Chelsea win the Europa League tomorrow, it might not make the feeling any warmer. Rafa is like a sworn enemy to the Blues’ faithful and no matter what comes of his reign, he would always be at the receiving end of hostility. Jose Mourinho’s name might doing the rounds for a famous comeback to Stamford Bridge but with nothing officially confirmed yet, there is every possibility that the club might also be considering other worthy names. Whoever gets appointed will instantly face the intense scrutiny and pressure that has plagued the club’s managers for a long time now.


The two stalwarts of the club for more than a decade also face uncertain times as it has not yet been announced that they will be employed by Chelsea for the upcoming season(s). With Lampard now becoming the highest goal scorer in the club’s history, it will be interesting to see how his situation would be handled in the summer. Terry, who doesn’t seem to be leaving the bench under Benitez, is still a player in his prime and losing him would be a huge blow to the club in terms of talent and leadership.


The 50 million Pound player has never quite reached the lofty standards expected of him after his transfer from Liverpool and it might be time for him to pack his bags and ply his trade elsewhere in Europe. Benitez’s appointment offered a ray of hope for Torres’ rejuvenation but with El Nino continuing to misfire, Abramovich might feel it is high time Chelsea introduced a proven marauder in front of the goal.


Chelsea has sorely missed Drogba’s physical presence on the pitch and one player who could help hem fill the void is Radamel Falcao. The Atletico Madrid phenom is high on the radar of many top clubs in Europe and his hefty price tag could be easily afforded by Chelsea’s coffers. If the player shows genuine interesttowards a move to London, Roman might go all out to secure his services for the future. Chelsea is a constant threat on the transfer market but with the abundance of talent currently available at Stamford Bridge it is hard to see them go about lightly if they flop again next season


Chelsea needs to fire consistently next season to ensure that the young talent at their disposal does not get disillusioned. They also need to maintain the right blend of experience and energy that has aided them in overcome tough situations this season.

For all they have endured thus far, Chelsea might still end up on the winning side at Amsterdam tomorrow.But, with the club facing more questions than answers, it will be a testing time for them this summer which could certainly throw quite a few surprises.

Source: DSG