'I will leave Stamford Bridge in May', says a livid Rafael Benitez

By 28 February 2013 09:30

Despite the F.A. Cup Round 16 victory over Middlesbrough in the Riverside Stadium, the Chelsea Interim Manager Rafael Benitez openly confirmed that he would leave the club at the end of this season.

He is so forlorn with the title 'Interim Manager' given to him and the consistent denigration from a specific section of supporters.

The 52-year-old has had hard time with the fans since he took over from Roberto Di Matteo last year November. The rancorous rivalry between Benitez while in his stay in Liverpool as manager and the former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho seem to be the reason behind the fans’ hatred.

The consistent booing and criticizing banners from a section of the alleged club owner’s supporters have really disappointed the interim manager, which led to his angry exit confirmation.

According to his live interview with BBC Radio 5, Benitez had to say this:

"Every game they continue singing and preparing banners, they are wasting time. What they have to do is support the team.”

"I am a professional and I am doing my job. What I want to do is win every single game for Chelsea."

“Chelsea gave me the title of interim manager, which is a massive mistake. I am the manager. The fans are not helping us.”

“At the end of the season, I will leave. They don't have to worry about me."

Source: DSG

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