Hiddink plays mind games

27 April 2009 08:24
Guus Hiddink has revealed he has played the Barcelona game in his mind ahead of Chelsea's UEFA Champions League semi-final first-leg on Tuesday.[LNB] The Dutchman insists that this is normal practice before every game his teams play where he goes over every potential pitfall in his head.[LNB]The Blues boss also admits that playing right-sided Jose Bosingwa at left-back is causing him the biggest headache.[LNB]However, the real test at the Camp Nou this week is likely to be Chelsea's toughest match of the season as they take on many peoples tip for the trophy.[LNB]"You have to think ahead and I have played Barcelona twice in my head," he told The Sun.[LNB]"In my head, I have never lost a game in preparation. But you have to focus a lot on the difficulty and the complexity of the job Bosingwa has to do.[LNB]"In my opinion, Bosingwa is playing one of the most attractive players in the world." [LNB]The Russian coach also highlighted that playing against Barcelona is a lot different to playing the likes of Manchester United and Liverpool in the Premier League.[LNB]Pinball"Although they like to attack, we like to attack as well, but when you play Manchester United or Liverpool, it is a less controlled game and can go either way. Like pinball," he added.[LNB]"When you play Liverpool or United or they play us, the pace of the game can go up any second. Boom. [LNB]"But Barca are very smart. They can turn the pace of the game up or down. You think you are in control and then all of a sudden they strike. [LNB]"They are skilful and have very good possession and can frustrate a team by having possession. [LNB]"We must not get frustrated. If they score then we must have the confidence that we can score at any moment." [LNB]Meanwhile, Florent Malouda believes Chelsea's away win at Liverpool in the quarter-finals has given them the confidence to go and get a result in Spain.[LNB]"Barca are not used to the pressure we are capable of putting on them," he said.[LNB]"Our win at Liverpool is an inspiration for us."[LNB]

Source: SKY_Sports