HATCHET MAN: Expect the worst as Chelsea deploy Bosingwa to shackle Messi

27 April 2009 09:33
Jose Bosingwa will have the job of shackling Barcelona's Lionel Messi tomorrow night in the Champions League semi-finals, but the signs are not good.

The fact the Chelsea defender is one of the more attacking full-backs around and will be playing on the left rather than his favoured right should be a mild cause for concern ahead of the first leg at the Nou Camp.

Tough times: Jose Bosingwa can expect a bigger test from Lionel Messi than what Luis Boa Morte offered on Saturday

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Blimey, if Bosingwa cannot last a full game against the pedestrianPortuguese winger then he will be in serious trouble in Spain.

Boa Morte has been a paycheck player for years now and as unpredictable as he is it is rarely in a good way.


Source: Daily_Mail