Hatchet Man: Chelsea can't claim they have their house in order and then splash £40m on a Spanish Vi

10 April 2009 10:31
Soon after the beginning of each calendar year, just as the title race starts to hot up, Chelsea release their financial figures and claim they will soon be self-sufficient. Relying on Roman Abramovich's continued mega-funding will not last much longer they tell everyone, as they point to some figures which are big but don't stop them making a whopping loss. As certain as it is that these brave declarations will be accompanied by another jump in their absolutely enormous wage bill, the reasons for them continuing to fail with their financial targets will become clear within a few months. David Villa and a new 'permanent' manager are the explanations this time and it is hard to envisage a time when Chelsea will not be trying to buy success while Abramovich is still the owner and a billionaire. They had just started to cut back on spending but now they are preparing to break the British record transfer fee to try to convince a guy who has worked very hard at avoiding the need to leave Spain. Even their great win against Liverpool was achieved thanks to two goals from a guy who cost £9 million and mostly sits around on match days. Why they continue with the pretence that their project does not rely on massive cash injections is a mystery but it has gone beyond ridiculous and needs to stop.  

Source: Daily_Mail