Guardiola Upset By Chelsea Tactics

29 April 2009 07:09
Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola was frustrated by Chelsea's tactics and believes referees should come down harder on teams who concentrate on breaking up play with tactical fouls.[LNB]Like Chelsea, Barcelona finished the Champions League semi-final first-leg goalless draw with two yellow cards - Alex, Michael Ballack, Yaya Toure and Carles Puyol all going into the book.[LNB]But Chelsea committed more than twice as many fouls as the Catalans and Guardiola believes the visitors should be punished for playing a negative game.[LNB]"The players complained about the referee, they were upset about that," he said after the match.[LNB]"I don't complain about the referees, but I think the referee should see which team is attacking and which team is interrupting the play.[LNB]"We play clean; we foul as little as possible. And we have the same amount of cards as them. It's not normal, it's not fair.[LNB]"We said before the game: 'no hard tackles, no fouls, it's not necessary', but we attacked, attacked and attacked and it's ridiculous that we should end up with the same amount of cards as them."[LNB]Guardiola believes such decisions could decide games in elite European competition.[LNB]"In the Champions League, small details decide games and could be the difference between winning or losing the tournament," he said.[LNB]"Those things didn't go our way tonight - Chelsea were constantly interrupting play with fouls while we played our normal attacking game," he said.[LNB]"One team is playing an attacking game and that should be taken into account.[LNB]"Yaya's card (for dissent) was scandalous and I can't understand it - the referee should see which team is looking to attack," he added.[LNB]Nevertheless, Guardiola said he was not unhappy with the result.[LNB]"The result is what it is. Chelsea played very defensively today, they were very disciplined and very strong with six players defending," he said.[LNB]And the Barca coach vowed to attack at Stamford Bridge.[LNB]"We will go to London and to the Bernabeu (for Saturday's Primera Division game against Real Madrid) with the same spirit," he said.[LNB]Puyol will miss the second leg after picking up a card, while Rafa Marquez is sidelined for the rest of the season after breaking down early in the second half.[LNB]"Rafa's loss is the worst thing about today but it will make us stronger," Guardiola said.[LNB]"He's sad and we'll try to lift him - it's a meniscus problem and we'll do tests, but he'll be out for the rest of the season," he added.[LNB]Despite the absence of those two in defence, Guardiola still believes his side can make next month's final in Rome.[LNB]"They are very important players, but we'll play with others.[LNB]"We want to get to the final and we'll find a solution for it.[LNB]"We'll rest and go out and win the game. I don't know what will happen," he said.[LNB]However, the Barca coach knows his side will have an uphill task if Chelsea play the same way in London.[LNB]He said: "We love to win and love to score. We will be strong.[LNB]"It's never easy to play against Chelsea, they are a very good team.[LNB]"We played a good game, we were just missing a goal. It's never easy when your opponents are not willing to play football."[LNB]

Source: Eurosport