Graham Poll: Chelsea should have had a penalty and Walter Samuel off

25 February 2010 08:01
Chelsea should have been awarded a penalty and Inter reduced to 10 men in first-half stoppage time.

Striker Salomon Kalou was caught on his right foot by Inter defenderWalter Samuel, as can be seen clearly on slow-motion replays, and a redcard would have hadto be issued if a penalty was awarded.

Referee 'Kiki' Gonzalez was a distance away and had his view of contact blocked by Samuel.

Clear as glass: Salomon Kalou goes down from the challenge of Walter Samuel

It is no good saying he 'must have known it was a penalty, as whyelse would Kalou have gone to ground when he was clean through?'

Players do all sorts of strange things and Inter's Diego Milito hadalready been cautioned for diving. Kalou did not help his case byfalling so theatrically.

Cast-iron: Another ankle shows Kalou being sent sprawling by Inter's Samuel

As Gonzalez neither gave the penalty nor cautioned Kalou forsimulation, he obviously was not sure exactly what had happened andas a referee you cannot guess.

It is a pity the video evidence that made the penalty clear remains off-limits for officials.

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Source: Daily_Mail