GRAHAM POLL: Bridge vs Terry - Countdown to a handshake...

27 February 2010 01:00
Sportsmail columnist - and former Premier League referee - GRAHAM POLL charts the countdown to the highly-anticipated showdown between John Terry and Wayne Bridge from match official Mike Dean's perspective.

Words of advice: Sportsmail's Graham Poll with Stamford Bridge ref Mike Dean

 11.45am - The FA's Respect Campaign demands that the two captains present referee Mike Dean with the team sheets.

Calling the shots: Dean has plenty of experience

This will be Dean's first encounter of the day with John Terry and I would advise him to say nothing concerning the affair.

12.15pm - Dean and his two assistants take to the field to warm up. Both teams will also be on the pitch, so Dean will be monitoring Terry and Bridge.

12.38pm - Dean will trigger the buzzer telling both sides to gather in the tunnel. Expect Chelsea to make a prompt exit from their dressing room arriving late in the tunnel will force Terry to walk past the entire line of Manchester City players to take his place at the head of the tunnel.

12.40pm - Dean will lead the teams out on to the pitch. There is sure to be an army of photographers waiting.

12.43pm -The moment of truth arrives as Terry leads Chelsea along the City line. Will Bridge accept Terry's hand?

Face off: Mike Dean will have to control the Bridge vs Terry pressure cooker

12.45pm - Kick-off. Dean cannot allow any of the emotion of this affair to prejudice his decision-making and you can bet that a Terry-Bridge 50-50 will not be long in coming.

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