Frank Lampard blasts ex-chief Adam Crozier for 'golden generation' tag

13 October 2009 07:22
Frank Lampard hascondemned former FA chiefexecutive Adam Crozier forbranding England's players'the golden generation'.

The Chelsea midfielderthinks it was a ludicrouslabel to give a group ofplayers who had wonnothing, only adding to thealready considerablepressure on their shoulders.

Crozier, now the chiefexecutive of thebeleaguered and strike riddledRoyal Mail, used theterm after appointing SvenGoran Eriksson as England's first foreign manager eightyears ago. 

Enlarge  You what? Lampard says Crozier should have never labelled the current England set-up the 'golden generation'

But Lampardsaid: 'The whole goldengeneration thing is quitefrustrating for us as players.It keeps getting mentioned,which is unfortunate really.

'It is good to have pressureon you as individuals and onthe team as a whole. But calling us a goldengeneration, it was almost asif people were waiting forus to fail.

'The term shouldonly be used once you havewon something. Then youcan be called the goldengeneration. Look at '66 when they wonit. That was a goldengeneration.

'If it was Adam Crozier whosaid it, it was said much tooearly. We have a good crop ofplayers but we have notmade the most of it. Wehave all held our hands upto that many times.'

And Crozier? 'Look whathappened to him,' saidLampard.

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Source: Daily_Mail