Football Podcast - Newcastle and West Ham, Ramires and United's flappy keepers

05 October 2012 11:35
Another brilliant show from our new writers from Red, White and Blue

The boys say hello to their new listeners from and the footymad network:

Listen to their hit weekly podcast:

RWB was raised with the mantra that cheats never prosper. Fair play was the name of the game in the RWB house, so it’s with great sadness and a seething sense of moral indignation that we bring breakings news that this week’s podcast features Google-related skulduggery that would make the coughing Major from Who Wants To Be A Millionaire blush. The football chat now seems superfluous but for the record we’ve got Newcastle and West Ham, Ramires and United’s flappy keepers.

Adrian Clarke

Adrian is a former Arsenal midfielder, who has played at every level of English football from the Premier League to the Conference South. Now an experienced football journalist he writes for many publications around the world, as well as hosting ‘The Breakdown’ on Arsenal TV and the Red White & Blue podcast.

Iain Spragg

Iain Spragg has been a sports journalist for 15 years, working for Football365 and reporting for a number of national newspapers early in his career. He is now freelance and writes for MSN Sport and the Football League. His book credits include the biography of Ledley King, The Tottenham Hotspur Opus and the upcoming ‘Football: It’s Unbelievable!’

Iain Macintosh

Iain Macintosh is the UK Correspondent for The New Paper in Singapore and the author of a number of sports books including 'Football Manager Stole My Life'. He also writes for ESPN, MSN, and is open to the offers of any other acronyms who might be reading.

Source: DSG