Financial fair play good for game - Mourinho

17 June 2013 11:47

New regulations governing what European football clubs can spend in relation to their means are good for the game, forcing teams to think more carefully about who they sign, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho said in comments published on Monday.

Mourinho, who was reappointed coach at the west London club earlier this month, described UEFA's financial fair play regulations as "very motivational" and helpful for greater cohesion within a club.

"You have to think more about every decision and every move," the former Inter Milan and Real Madrid boss was quoted as saying on

"Every wrong move you make has an influence on the future. You need to work more closely with the board in the financial area, you have to have a different perspective and a different look at the players on loan and youth football.

"It's more global. Instead of just focusing on your team, and your targets and ambitions, it's an overall view. It's a different profile of job and I'm happy with that, I'm enjoying that."

UEFA introduced financial fair play two years ago and is designed to prevent European clubs living beyond their means at a time of concern about sky-high transfer fees and wages.

Source: AFP