FA investigates laser pen reports

21 March 2011 07:37
Reports that a laser pen was aimed at referee Chris Foy and Manchester City players during Chelsea's 2-0 win on Sunday are being investigated.The Football Association says it is awaiting Foy's match report to see if he refers to any such incidents. [LNB]It has also requested information from Chelsea, including any relevant CCTV footage of the match and supporters. [LNB]Chelsea themselves say they are aware of the reports and are also looking into the claims. [LNB]Incidents of fans aiming laser pens at players and match officials have increased in recent years. [LNB]In January 2010, Linfield manager David Jeffrey had one shone in his face during the Belfast derby against Glentoran at The Oval. [LNB]A month later, Leeds United claimed their players were targeted with one during a penalty shoot-out in the Johnstone's Paint Trophy tie against Carlisle at Brunton Park. [LNB]In March 2008, Uefa fined Lyon £2,520 after then-Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo was targeted with a laser pen during a Champions League.[LNB] [LNB][LNB]Jeffrey slams laser pen idiot[LNB]

Source: BBC_Sport