Early Predictions for Next Season?

14 May 2013 03:47

Heartbreakingly, the Premier League season is drawing to a close and so it is the time of year where fans and pundits begin to examine what the future holds for their teams. Will Manchester United be as successful in the league under David Moyes? Can Manchester City progress in Europe for a change? Will Stoke’s luck finally run out? Here are my very early predictions.

The top 4 will be Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Tottenham.

Whatever happens this season, I think that Arsenal are going to struggle to qualify for the Champions League again. Wilshere could leave (for trophies…) and Wenger’s time is running out. Also, with the vast improvements made by Chelsea and Tottenham this year, the red half of North London could well see themselves being pushed out of the top 4 through no fault of their own.

Liverpool will have another transition season.

They aren't ready for the ‘big-time’ yet. With Luis Suarez guaranteed to miss the first few games of the season through suspension, and with Daniel Sturridge's form blowing hotter and colder than a heater-cum-air-conditioner, I am not sure Liverpool will have what it takes to challenge for the Champions League places. Players like Coates, Downing, Henderson, and Borini are simply not up to the required standard and, short of a couple of stars like Coutinho, Gerrard and Suarez, the Liverpool squad looks a bit bare of talent.

The 3 promoted sides will get relegated.

Whilst this never happens, looking at the respective squads of Cardiff, Hull and Watford/Crystal Palace, I think they might all discover that their stay in the Premier League is a short one. Cardiff look like a great Championship team, but to me they are just another Reading. Hull could well do a QPR; their owner has a lot of money but will he spend it correctly? Watford seem average and Crystal Palace are so reliant on the outward bound Wilfried Zaha that they may struggle to cope without him.

Michael Owen said on Twitter that he thought the top 7 next year would be: 1. Manchester United 2. Chelsea 3. Liverpool 4. Manchester City 5. Arsenal 6. Spurs 7. Everton. But if that’s not biased, then I don’t know what is. Surprised he didn't put Stoke into the top 4. Then again, I did say that I thought Tottenham would come top 4.

What are your predictions for next season? Or which signings could be the difference between glory and misery?

Source: DSG