Could Mourinho come home to chelsea?

29 April 2013 01:51

Who doesn’t want Jose Mourinho back in the Premier League? Face it, we all do! Love him or hate him, Mourinho is one of those characters that comes around once in a life time. Seeing him exchanging bottles of wine with Sir Alex Ferguson is not the same as when both are patrolling the sideline of a Chelsea v. United match.

So if Mourinho comes home, where does he start in rebuilding the Chelsea of years past? It is a safe bet that both Lampard and Terry will be onboard. Even if he does not play them as much, just having their presents in the Locker Room and on the Training ground will be beneficial to all.

Speculation has it that Mourinho has already secured the services of Radamel Falcao from Atletico Madrid. With Demba Ba being the reincarnation of Didier Drogba, where does that leave the likes of one Fernando Torres? Torres hasn’t been Torres since leaving Liverpool and the Chelsea experiment is over. It is time for him to move on so Chelsea can recoup some of that transfer fee money.

The Midfield seems to be as good as any out there with Mata, Hazard, Oscar, Moses and Ramires playing top notch football, not much work will need to be done there. Petr Cech has a few more seasons left in him so that also seems to be a cemented position. The only other work to be done is finding someone who can help in the defense. John Terry and Ashley Cole are both coming to end of their careers and though they may have plenty of football left in them to play, now is the time to find their replacements.

Love Mourinho, or hate Mourinho, the Premier League is a much better place with Jose a part of it.

Source: DSG