Could former Manchester United hero Cristiano Ronaldo Follow Mourinho to Chelsea?

23 May 2013 11:06

According to former Real Madrid president Roman Calderon, the Portuguese megastar could follow ‘The Special One’ to Stamford Bridge this summer.

Ronaldo has been hot and cold over the prospect of leaving the Bernabeu, claiming earlier on the season that he was ‘sad’.

He’s been heavily linked with a big-money move back to Manchester United and Calderon, who brought the 27-year-old to Spain in 2009 with an £80m world record fee, claims United is only one of two English clubs that could snatch the unsettled winger.

Calderon said: “Ronaldo wanted to breach his contract. The truth is he didn’t want to extend his contract and it’s only got two years left [to run]. In the last few years it’s a rule that you have to extend the contract or sell. If not, then the player is worth nothing.

“There are not many teams that could afford to pay him what he deserves and who can pay Real Madrid what they are asking for. There are three clubs - Manchester City, PSG and Chelsea. I don’t think any other club is going to pay that amount for a player.

“They [Real] are going to negotiate the contract now and they will make a decision. It’s something we will know in a few weeks.

“The president doesn’t need to keep Cristiano Ronaldo to be re-elected because no-one else is in the running.

“In a different world he would have agreed a deal [privately] to let him leave next summer, and then said to the fans that he [Ronaldo] was going to extend his contract. Then they would have an agreement to leave the club when someone has the money.”

It’s a frightening and exciting vision – Mourinho and Ronaldo partnering up at Chelsea, with the intention of making them the most feared team on the planet.

Not to mention all the other big names ‘The Special One’ will most likely attract. Falcao, Cavani, Isco, Hulk and Maraoune Fellaini are all on his shopping list, which has a mouth-watering £100m limit.

Mourinho will manage Madrid until their final game on June 2nd. Reports suggest that he’s already agreed a 3-year deal worth around £12m a-year.

He’s lost the respect of the Madrid changing room and the fans love for him has gone with it.

It’s time for Mourinho to take the throne once again at Chelsea, and turn them in to world beaters.

If all goes to plan, a year or two from now I see Chelsea being a real force – one Munich and Barca may struggle to compete with.


Source: DSG