Chelsea's Hazard to snub PSG's French whispers

21 January 2014 01:35

Hot property is always likely to draw attention, and recent performances by Chelsea’s Eden Hazard have certainly propelled the Belgian into that category of player. Links with PSG over the past few weeks therefore should have come as no surprise to Chelsea fans, but would still have been unwelcome. Chelsea were quick to put a firm dampener on the rumours, and now it appears that the player himself has finally killed off the story.

The French club, replete with oil money from their Qatari owners have the ability to collect players like some Panini sticker addict on heat, and acquiring a player of Hazard’s ability and potential would certainly improve their squad, so they may well have been interested. With such stories however, it’s often difficult to discern precisely the starting point of any rumour. Sometimes, a player’s agent will start a rumour to try and improve their charge’s negotiating position with their club. Other times, a potential suitor may just encourage speculation to test out the water by seeing how the player and his club react. Of course, on other occasions, it’s just true that the player is interested in a move.

Hazard now appears however to have quelled the speculation by speaking to French television show “Tele-Foot.” Showing that he was in no hurry to return to Ligue 1, he stated that "For four years, during each transfer market, there are rumours I will go here and there. Paris has money, Paris is a great club. But I am at Chelsea, there is no chance to see me leaving during that transfer market or during the next one, I think. "I don't want to leave. To me, Chelsea is the best place to improve."

For Blues’ fans, rapidly becoming enamoured of having a potential world star in their team, the statement will be a great comfort. It’s also certainly true that thep layer is progressing under the tutelage of Jose Mourinho. Already blessed with abundant talent, the Belgian has now added admirable work rate to his CV, meaning he is becoming the very ‘photo-fit’ of a Mourinho player.

In football, money doesn’t talk, it shouts, and although the Stamford Bridge club are well-resourced by owner Roman Abramovich, even the Russian’s billions are dwarfed by the wealth of the Qataris. Sometime in the future, Hazard may listed to the siren calls from PSG, but for now, it appears that he’ll be in west London for a while time yet.

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