Chelsea v Everton live!

22 April 2009 07:16
FULL-TIME. That's it, a goalless stalemate here, which iputs Chelsea out of the title race. Thanks for your views tonight and stay with us for reaction.[LNB]90 (+3) Ivanovic feeds the ball from the right to Drogba on the right side of the box. He turns and shoots from 10 yards and his powerful effort hits the bar and bounces out. Best Chelsea chance of the night.[LNB]90 (+2) Four minutes of time are added on.[LNB]90 (+2) Jo limps off to be substituted by Saha.[LNB]90 Cech comes out of his box to get to the ball in front of Jo. Both are down injured.[LNB]89 Rodwell comes on for Osman.[LNB]89 Ballack nods a long ball down to Di Santo in the box. He goes down and Chelsea appeal for a penalty but the ref waves on.[LNB]88 Chelsea win a throw in five yards out on the right. They take but Osman clears.[LNB]87 Jagielka is on for the injured Jacobsen.[LNB]86 Jacobsen makes a great last ditch tackle but injures himself in the process.[LNB]85 Everton make a great break forward and Jacobsen feeds the ball from the right into Cahill in the middle. Cahll then finds Pienaar to the left but he puts his teed-up shot from 12 yards wide of Cech's right post. Great chance to win it.[LNB]84 Ballack nods the ball down to Alex on the edge of the box but he puts his shot wide of Howard's right upright.[LNB]83 Everton take the second corner and Lescott's shot is charged down. The ball falls to Cahill on the right but he puts his shot into the side netting from a tight angle.[LNB]83 Everton take the corner on the right but Cech punches out for another corner on the right.[LNB]83 Cahill's long range effort is deflected wide for a corner on the right.[LNB]82 Chelsea are putting Everton under the cosh but Lampard shoots well wide from long range.[LNB]81 Chelsea take the corner on the left but Alex's header from the edge of the box is easily gathered by Howard.[LNB]80 Chelsea take the corner on the right and the ball falls to Kalou on the far post but his shot from 15 yards out is put behind by Lescott for a corner on the left.[LNB]79 Ivanovic's cross from the right takes a deflection and Howard puts it out for a corner.[LNB]78 Drogba finds Lampard on the left edge of the box. He shoots but his effort lacks power and Howard is down easily to gather.[LNB]77 Di Santo comes on for Malouda.[LNB]76 Kalou meets a cross from the left but heads over from 10 yards in front of goal. Good chance.[LNB]75 Drogba plays the ball down to Lampard in the box and he shoots on goal but it is blocked by Yobo and Everton clear.[LNB]74 Jo has a half chance from the edge of the box but puts his shot well over as he stretches for the ball.[LNB]73 Mikel crosses from 30 yards out on the left but Howard is out quickly to gather.[LNB] Replays show the ball hit Lescott on the right arm but he was going a yard from Kalou and a penalty would have been very harsh as he had no chance of moving his arm away.[LNB]71 Kalou crosses from the right and it hits an Everton player in the box. The crowd shout for hand-ball but the ref waves play on.[LNB]70 Chelsea win a free-kick in their own half. Terry takes and finds Alex on the edge of the box but his header lacks power and is straight at Howard to gather.[LNB]69 Drogba wins a free-kick 30 yards out on the right. Lampard takes deep to the far post but three Chelsea players get in the way of each other and it goes out for a goal kick.[LNB]69 Everton take the corner on the right. It finds Lescott on the far post but his header is well wide.[LNB]68 Pienaar takes the corner short before putting in a deep cross. It is going out but Cech tips it out for a corner on the right when there was no need.[LNB]67 Everton win a throw in two yards out on the left. Neville takes and wins a corner on the left.[LNB]66 Cech has to clear from Osman.[LNB]64 Cech hits a long ball forward and Malouda and Yobo go for the ball and both go down. There are boos because the crowd think Yobo fouled Malouda but the ref is having none of it and Everton get the ball back to clear.[LNB]63 Everton win a free-kick 25 yards out on the left. Pienaar takes but the ball is straight at Cech who gathers.[LNB]62 Terry has a long range effort from 30 yards out with his left foot and Howard has to dive down well to his left to push the ball out. Great effort.[LNB]61 Chelsea make a double substitution, bringing on Mikel and Kalou for Essien and Anelka.[LNB]60 Ballack tries to play a high ball over but Malouda is given off side.[LNB]59 Everton press down the left but Anelka tracks back and clears in his own box. Good work.[LNB]58 Drogba plays Anelka through on the right but he drags his shot wide from 15 yards.[LNB]57 Yobo tries a long range shot but it is well wide.[LNB]55 Malouda cuts the ball back from the left byline to Drogba but Lescott just does enough to shepherd the ball back to Howard to clear.[LNB]54 Baines tries to run into the Chelsea box but Alex dis-possesses him on the edge of the box.[LNB]54 Essien finds Anelka to the right of the box but his cross is cleared.[LNB]53 Chelsea play a good passing move into the box but Lampard is given off-side as he lines up to shoot from the right.[LNB]52 Lampard tries to play Essien into the box but Everton again deal with the ball and clear.[LNB]51 Pienaar takes a short corner and gets the return ball back before shooting over from just outside the box.[LNB]50 Cahill wins Everton a corner on the left.[LNB]49 Chelsea are enjoying possession but no more chances yet.[LNB]47 Everton press and Osman crosses from the right which Cahill heads towards goal and Cech dives well to save.[LNB]47 Malouda takes the corner. Terry and Alex go for the box and Alex's header hits his skipper, taking the pace off the ball and Howard gathers.[LNB]46 Chelsea press down the left. Cole crosses and Drogba wins a corner on the right.[LNB]46 Everton re-start the game. Both sides are unchanged from the first half.[LNB] ANOTHERVIEW - Gareth Lewis says: "I hope Everton get a good hammering, but will settle for a draw." I presume you're a Liverpool fan Gareth? Moyes' men could easily get a draw here the way they are playing. any more views please send them to:[LNB] Fancy a bet? Sky Bet now go 8/13 on for a Chelsea win, 15/8 the draw and 6/1 for a Toffees' victory. It good go either way.[LNB] HALF-TIME. It is goalless after the first period. Chelsea have dominated play but Everton have had the better chances, as well as a fair shout for a penalty turned down. My 2-0 prediction is still on but Everton could quite easily win here.[LNB]45 (+1) Drogba tries to play Terry through into the box but Everton again break down the attack.[LNB]45 One minute of time is added on.[LNB]44 Everton press down the left but Terry heads away in the centre.[LNB]43 Jo is played through on goal but he trips over himself on the edge of the box as Terry advances and the chance passes.[LNB]42 Chelsea burst clear and Anelka crosses from the right towards Malouda in the box but the ball is too close to Howards who dives down to gather.[LNB]42 Osman takes the corner on the right but Ballack heads clear.[LNB]41 Everton press but Neville's cross from the right is poor and partially cleared. The Toffees press again and Baines' long range shot is deflected out for a corner.[LNB]40 Baines tries to find Jo at the other end but Alex intercepts and clears.[LNB]38 Essien tries to feed the ball through to Drogba but Yobo cuts the pass out and clears on the edge of the box.[LNB]37 Baines takes the free-kick but it is straight at Cech who easily gathers.[LNB]36 Everton win a free-kick 30 yards out on the right after Ballack is penalised.[LNB]34 Everton press again and Jo finds Cahill with a cross from the left. Cahill does well to get his shot off from 15 yards in front of goal and Cech gets down well to his right to save.[LNB]33 Replays show Alex brings down Baines in the box in the last move and Everton should have had a penalty.[LNB]33 Baines runs into the Chelsea box from the left but the Blues hold firm and clear.[LNB]32 Anelka tries to feed the ball to Drogba on the right but he can not control it and Everton again clear.[LNB]31 Jo wins a free-kick in his own half after a tackle by Ivanovic. Everton take but Chelsea win the ball back and press again.[LNB]30 Lampard creates a yard of space for himself 25 yards out on the left and shoots but his effort is well over.[LNB]29 Pienaar wins a thrown in 30 yards out on the left. Everton take but it runs tamely through to Cole.[LNB]28 Ballack takes the free-kick and it is just a yard too high. Unlucky.[LNB]27 Malouda runs into the box from the left but is dis-possessed and Essien then wins a free-kick 25 yards out in front of goal as both he and Pienaar go for the loose ball.[LNB]26 Chelsea continue to press but Ivanovic hits a poor ball into the box from the right and Drogba can not control and it goes out for a goal kick.[LNB]25 Chelsea take the second throw in on the right but the ball runs through to Howard and Everton clear.[LNB]25 Lampard finds Anelka on the right who wins a throw in 20 yards out. Chelsea take and Essien almost finds Drogba in the box but Yobo concedes a throw in.[LNB]24 Everton win a free-kick 40 yards out in front of goal. Baines takes but Cech easily gathers on his line.[LNB]22 Chelsea press forward again but the ref blows for an infringement on the edge of the box. Howard takes the free-kick and the ball is fed to Pienaar on the left edge of the box and his long range effort goes just wide. Good effort.[LNB]21 Drogba takes the free-kick but Neville heads away at the near post.[LNB]20 Yobo fouls Essien on the left edge of the box for a Chelsea free-kick in a dangerous area.[LNB]19 Everton win a throw in on the left from 10 yards out. Baines crosses towards Cahill in the box but Chelsea clear.[LNB]18 Essien now tries his hand from the same distance as Lampard but his effort is well wide and high.[LNB]17 Chelsea break quickly upfield and Lampard has a go from 30 yards out infront of goal and his effort swerves just over and wide. Good effort![LNB]17 Everton make a rare foray into the Chelsea half but Osman's pass is cut out on the edge of the box. Drogba and Anelka are back on.[LNB]16 Chelsea take the free-kick with Drogba and Anelka off the pitch and Ballack heads wide from 15 yards out.[LNB]15 Anelka is changing his boots as Drogba receives treatment on the pitch.[LNB]14 Neville is booked for a challenge on Drogba. It is a Chelsea free-kick from 35 yards in front of goal.[LNB]13 Chelsea takes the throw in but Everton hold firm.[LNB]12 Essien wins a throw in 20 yards out on the right chasing a lost ball. Good work.[LNB]11 Chelsea press again and Drogba tries an acrobatic kick in the box but mis-connects and Everton clear.[LNB]10 Chelsea win a free-kick 25 yards out on the right. Malouda hits the ball into the box but Lescott clears.[LNB]8 Chelsea break upfield and Ballack has a deflected effort saved by Howard.[LNB]8 Cahill plays a great ball through to Jo on the left. He runs into the box and shoots on target but Cech saves well with his legs.[LNB]7 Chelsea continue to press but Malouda slips on the edge of the box and Everton again clear.[LNB]5 Lampard tries to play Drogba through in the box but Everton's defence hold firm and the Toffees clear.[LNB]5 Jo has taken a slight knock but is continuing.[LNB]3 Everton win a throw in 25 yards out on the left. They take and the ball is crossed from Pienaar to Jo in the middle and his header from the penalty spot is saved by Cech. First chance.[LNB]2 Lampard hits a loose pass which hits Jo in the Blues half but Chelsea keep possession.[LNB]1 Anelka tries to play Lampard down the right but Everton cut the ball out.[LNB]1 Chelsea get the game underway.[LNB] MORE VIEWS - Joe Mixer thinks Chelsea will win 4-2 while Sam Woods says: "I think it will be a difficult game for Chelsea but they will win 2 - 0 with Drogba getting both." Thanks for your views.[LNB] Lewis Dyas of Dagenham says: "I predict that chelsea will win 2-0 and either lampard or ballack to score first." You've predicted the same score as me Lewis, thanks for your prediction. Any more?[LNB] FIRST VIEW - Tony Lumley says: "Sitting at work, going to miss the first half. I can see us getting a point tonight if we defend as well as we have been and attack on the counter." Thanks for your view Tony - as you say, Everton will be hard to beat. Any more views? Please e-mail and I will post up the best throughout the evening.[LNB] Fancy a bet? Sky Bet go 4/9 on for the Chelsea victory, 3/1 the draw and 15/2 for a Toffees' win. I'm predicting a 2-0 home win with Anelka to score first which pays 20-1! What are your views / predictions tonight? Can Everton shrug off their semi-final exertions? Please send your e-mails to: and I will post up the best throughout the evening.[LNB] Teams - Chelsea remain unchanged from the team which beat Arsenal in the cup, while Everton make four changes, bringing in Jo, Castillo, Jacobsen and Yobo.[LNB] Referee - Mark Halsey (Lancashire)[LNB] Teams - Everton: Howard, Jacobsen, Lescott, Yobo, Baines, Osman, Castillo, Neville, Pienaar, Jo, Cahill. Subs: Nash, Hibbert, Jagielka, Saha, Vaughan, Rodwell, Gosling.[LNB] Teams - Chelsea: Cech, Ivanovic, Alex, Terry, Ashley Cole, Ballack, Essien, Lampard, Drogba, Anelka, Malouda. Subs: Hilario, Di Santo, Mikel, Kalou, Belletti, Mancienne, Mellis.[LNB] Welcome to Stamford Bridge where Chelsea take on Everton in a dress rehearsal of next month's FA Cup final. The Blues need the points to keep up with the title pace and have also had a day longer than the Toffees to prepare, but David Moyes' side are hard to beat and will make it difficult for Guus Hiddink's team. What are your views / predictions for tonight? Can the Blues win to keep up their faint title hopes? Please send your views to: and I will post up the best throughout the evening.[LNB]

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