Chelsea still have lots to do

07 May 2013 10:59

Is there a team in all of football right now playing better than Chelsea?

Chelsea have been on fire the last couple of months and as long as they still have any legs left, they should easily gain a Champions League spot along with being crowned Europa League champions.

Benfica should give them a good game in The Europa League finals, but Rafa Benitez has his team firing on all cylinders with no sign of stopping.

Chelsea supporters may still dislike Benitez but they should give him credit for what he has accomplished while enduring all of the abuse that has been heaved upon him.

Chelsea have played 12 matches in the last 6 weeks. With still four more matches to go over the next two weeks, it will be a while before they can take a rest.

Their teamwork and consistency has been far and away head and shoulders above everyone else. Yes, they hit a bump in the road against Manchester City in mid-April but other than that, it has all been about Chelsea.

Other than the Europa League final, Chelsea still has three tough Premier League matches left to finish up the Premier League season. Two are against Champions League hopefuls, Tottenham and Everton, and a date against a resurgent Aston Villa at Villa Park.

Chelsea have already played 63 matches this season and if you count the four from pre-season, then we are up to 67.

This may become the longest two week period in Chelsea’s history but they look to be up to the task. Chelsea is on a mission and only supporters from the teams they face will bet against them.

Source: DSG