Chelsea star Victor Moses aims to make waves in the Red sea

05 September 2013 01:18

When a young player gets the opportunity to move to one of, what are often described as, 'the big clubs' you often see them describing at as ‘a dream move.’ Too often however such dreams turn to nightmares. Playing time is restricted, disenchantment sets in, and form suffers. It becomes a difficult cycle to break out of. We can all probably think of young players who have experienced this. Victor Moses however, appears to be made of sterner stuff.

Signed by Chelsea last summer from Wigan Athletic, the Nigerian international was a blossoming talent, and indeed, the report card on his first year at Stamford Bridge would probably read something along the lines of ‘steady progress.’ With the regular upheaval of managers in west London however, there’s always the chance that the new man will want to bring his own players in with the inevitable slide down the pecking order for a first team place.

When Jose Mourinho arrived at Chelsea, buying new players was always going to be on the agenda, and with the arrival of Schurrle, Willian and the return from loan of Kevin de Bruyne, Moses’ opportunities were brought under threat. The player has said that Mourinho told him that he was part of his plans, and that he would get game time, so Moses faced a decision. Whether to stay and occupy the bench – or worse – for chunks of the season, or seek a loan move for regular first team football, and the chance to prove his worth to Mourinho.

It’s to the player’s credit that he didn’t go for the easy option of starting a few games, plus a few more substitute appearances, going into ‘coast’ mode and picking up his doubtless ample salary. It’s the path that many have taken with a detrimental effect n their careers. Moses was aware however that not playing would inevitably harm his career, so her opted for a loan move, and Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers was quick to snap him up.

Playing in a team comprising stars such as Gerrard, Sturridge, Coutinho and Suarez will be a massive stimulus to the development of Moses, and should he excel in the Anfield environment under the shrewd tutelage of Rodgers, Chelsea may have a difficult decision to make at the termination of the loan. A successful period may encourage Liverpool to want to make the move permanent with a bid for his services on a full transfer. The same level or performance however would also suggest to Chelsea that he should be welcomed back into the Stamford Bridge fold. Given the maturity of the young Nigerian however, it may well be that he is the person deciding his future.


Source: DSG