Chelsea fighting to keep African 'wonder kid'

31 July 2013 01:28

Burkina Faso is the fourth highest gold producer in the world, and Chelsea think they have unearthed a particularly brilliant piece of that country’s riches in 17 year old Bertrand Traore. Already a full international for his country, the teenager has been ‘guesting’ for the Blues on their Far east tour, and has already demonstrated the sort of talent to persuade manager Jose Mourinho that he could be something really special.

The problem for the club however is that obtaining a work permit for Traore in England looks likely to be problematical. Even when he turns 18 in September, there’s no guarantee that a permit would be forthcoming. There is a provision that allows for permits to be granted on the grounds of ‘exceptional talent’ and doubtless Chelsea would argue this case. Supporting evidence would be that the player is already a full international, recently tightening of rules however mean that this may not be enough to swing the decision in their favour.

It seems likely that assuming the club can get him on a full contract, a loan period would follow until such time as the required criteria is established. Mourinho however does not want to wait and will push all efforts behind the permit application. Risking losing the player of rare quality is not something he wants to contemplate.


Source: DSX