Chelsea FC bloggers required

14 June 2013 08:03
Roman reads us everyday

Guys and girls, Chelsea-Mad is on the lookout for people to write for their favourite website about their favourite team - CHELSEA.There is no money to be exchanged, but the kudos of having your worked aired across the footymad network and beyond must be worth it, eh?If you are interested, drop me a line at't worry if you have never had anything published online before, because I will be there all the way with you.So, with the new season just around the corner and Jose back at then helm, anything is possible.So get your views on Chelsea FC - good, bad and indifferent down in an email and send it to Chelsea-Mad - NOW.I want to hear from you and I know Chelsea read us, so what you have to say will be read in the corridors of power at SW6.Any questions to the same address.C'mon in and join Chelsea-Mad - it's here waiting for youRuudboy(Paul Lagan)

Source: Chelsea MAD