Chelsea: Calm and Strong like never before?

25 August 2014 09:05

With Jose Mourinho not popping into the news so far with his clever and acid words, one might wonder what is happening to Chelsea. But they are the winning their games comfortably. Here is what could be the internal mechanics of the new and improved Chelsea Football Club.

The addition of Costa and Fabregas has lifted the attack tremendously. There was talent before, no doubt, but Hazard and Co. was a young attack who needed channelizing and who better at that than the maestro himself. Fabregas has begun to root into the midfield and the wingers and attackers are thriving on his vision. And they now have a prolific focal point in Diego Costa. He is an astute finisher and excels at aerial ability as well as hold up play. The addition of Felipe Luis is not showing any benefit yet, but expect him to rise up to the challenge as the season progresses.

There is a surprising stability in the team this year, with no significant departures, only significant additions. Had Liverpool and Manchester United not been so active in the transfer window, all the limelight would have been on the transfer activities of Chelsea and the pressure would have been on Costa and Fabregas. But they have quietly gone about their business even after acquiring such superstars. Hence these players have slotted in beautifully. Also, the return of Drogba will be a flair in the attack and some much needed experience. Costa will shine under his guidance as a through and through striker.

Expect much more from Chelsea Football Club as the season progresses.

Source: DSG