Chelsea are runaway favorites to win the EPL this season

05 August 2013 11:14

Make no mistake, Jose Mourinho’s recent declaration of how the EPL contest will likely be between six teams season is just a smokescreen aimed at lulling the ignorant into a false sense of security and we are anything but ignorant. Chelsea is the team most likely to win the EPL this season.

If you have been around long enough to observe the wily Portuguese moan about how he’s going to miss six first team players against Arsenal, if you’ve been around long enough to hear him declare that Terry, Lampard, Ashley Cole, Drogba, Essien are very doubtful inclusion in the team for the match day, and then field every single one of them before beating the hapless Arsenal silly, you’ll know Senhor Jose is a master of subterfuge and when it comes to pronouncements on the strength of his team, he simply cant be believed!

Manchester City last season regained their title of “pretenders” who cannot be trusted to hold their own against the big boys. For all their millions and superstars, the ability to build a proper team capable of sustainable success seem to be beyond them, throw in the disadvantage of a new manager who did not quite prove himself as having what it takes to manage champions in his dismal stint as Real Madrid coach and you have a team that are going to struggle with inconsistent performances all season.

Manchester United are about to know what the EPL feels like without Fergie. Given that in recent seasons even Fergie’s hold on all matters EPL had successively been weakened by upstarts Spurs, City and a resurgent Liverpool (some mischievous mind might even think the heat got to him that he decided to bow out when the ovation was loudest), it can be expected that mid-table wonder manager David Moyes will naturally struggle in his first few seasons, add to that Rooney’s disruption of squad harmony, Nani’s refusal to grow up, a lack of talent in the midfield/inability to get a quality player to take their offer seriously, one can safely assume that by the time they get their acts together, Chelsea will be long gone.

Liverpool’s resurgence is still very much in progress and being the darling team they are (Minus Suarez of course) most people are rooting for them to make a strong comeback this season which they well look on course to do. Brendan Rodgers had last season to settle in and with a busy summer recruitment drive in which he looks to have covered most of the squad’s deficiencies with quality buys, we can expect some positive results from him in the coming season, but Liverpool are still too much of an unpredictable variable and their lessened stock means teams don’t fear them as before so they are not going to have it easy coming off the blocks.

Spurs cannot be realistically touted as challengers and their inclusion in the list is testament to Arsenal’s growing irrelevance in English football. If Bale stays though and Arsenal remains unambitious, this might be their chance to stake a claim for that Champions League spot.

And Arsenal, well Arsenal remains Arsenal. Their ambition is to qualify for Champions League and focus on talent as usual and it’s most likely Wenger has forgotten how to win anything by now, so there is not much point talking about them, except that this might be the season when they do not qualify for anything again.

Of course Chelsea have undergone some changes themselves but, presently The Blues are the only ambitious club in England who have a combination of stable squad, fantastic mental edge and a coach who has an excellent repertoire of experience at the highest levels from which to draw, and these might well be what will win them the league this season.


Source: DSX

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