Carlo is a dead man walking

13 April 2011 10:14
How long will he last following Euro exit? Carlo Ancelotti played Fernando Torres more in hope than expectation. Torres, a £50m flop from an underperformimg Liverpool side has still not scored since his January move to London. The currency of Carlo Ancelotti is getting so low, that soon the International Bank will have to intervene to prop him up. Roman Abramovich, sitting in the stands gave his usual gurning impression of a man perplexed. This is one of the most influencial men in the world today and the richest. When one adds up his fiscal imput to SW6 it comes in at around £1billion. But he can't simply allow his man the freedom to make the decisions he wants. Ancelotti is a man who makes decisons based on least residence. He failed to stand up to Abramovich over the shamful dismissel of ray Wilkins. From that day, he lost all credibility within Stamford Bridge. Had Ancelotti done the right thing and offered his resignation, he would have shown himself a man of substance - he showed himself to be a man of jelly instead. That vulnerability will almost ceratinly cost him his job - the question now is when? Lawyers from both sides will be pouring over his contract and deciding what is the best exist statergy. No doubt, Chelsea's impressive media arm will do Abramovich's bidding and protect the owner from criticism - but this won't wash with the Chelsea faifthful. They have been here too many times before. Roman is the owner but when he tells a manager to coach the players while not having confidence the players given to him are the ones needed, the coach has no chance. That non-British model of football management is upside down. Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson have their footprint stamped all over the buying and selling of players - Ancelotti has none. Abramovich's advisors and hangers-on are trusted more than Ancelotti it would appear - how crazy is that? Would Ancelotti have picked Torres to start under different circumstances? Well you an bet your botton dollar, Carlo won't admit that in public. He's so well versed/coached by the League Managers' Association, that he won't say anything that will be used against him come sacking time. Carlo is a dead man walking - it's now just a case of how far Abramovich will give him.