Carlo fails final test

15 May 2011 03:50
Coach goes or it's a player clear-out Carlo Ancelotti was not given too many handshakes from his players as they limped off Stamford Bridge following their 2-2 draw with Newcastle United today. Perhaps it was a deliberate sign that they don’t see that as Carlo's last home game as coach - perhaps they just did not want to be associated with a "Dead Man Walking". Ancelotti decided to ring the changes bringing back youngster Josh McEachran into the side. The Chelsea board had decided that this was to be the season to reap the benefits of an expensive academy system, but Ancelotti simply did not have the faith in the kids to play them for any extended length in the side. Instead McEachran played with the youths to get game time; Daniel Sturridge went off to Bolton and scored a sackful of goals, while Italian Fabio Borini went off to Swansea to net vital scores. Eight defeats for Ancelotti this season the worst in eight years will more than likely see the Italian head out of Stamford Bridge at the end of June. Chelsea-Mad was told that had the Blues suffered an embarrassing defeat today, then Ancelotti would have being relieved of his duty later tonight. As it turned out the draw, has probably saved him for another week at least. Chelsea's problem is that there is not really any guaranteed champion coach out there - Jose Mourinho being the obvious exception. Chelsea's board has a dilemma - they either change the coach or keep Ancelotti and offload a host of players. The simple fact is that Chelsea's ultimate decision will be based on what is the best economical decision for Chelsea - what is the cheapest option?