Carlo Ancelotti takes swipe at Jose Mourinho after sexy dance routine on Italian TV

15 October 2009 09:02
Ancelotti did his best to maintain his cool and calm exterior amid a display of erotic dancing on the late night Italian TV show 'Chiambretti Night'. [LNB]And he even managed to show his lighter side by having a dig at former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho. [LNB]Time for Abu Dhabi to show their handEarlier this year, the Inter Milan coach appeared on the same chat show and modestly compared himself with Jesus. [LNB]"Training Inter, I feel like Robin Hood. Even Jesus Christ wasn't liked by everyone. What hope is there for me?"[LNB]When asked about the incident, Ancelotti laughed and said: 'If Mourinho is Jesus, I am certainly not one of his apostles.' [LNB]Capello was the first of the trio to be 'entertained' by one of the show's brunette dancers. [LNB]But it was the 'Special One' four months later in April who afforded himself a wry smile when he was treated to a private performance. [LNB]Now Ancelotti has been given the full treatment and is sure to return to Stamford Bridge with more than a little spring to his step when Chelsea take on Aston Villa in the Premier League on Saturday. [LNB][LNB][LNB][LNB]

Source: Telegraph