Blues boss slams media lies

01 March 2008 10:15
Chelsea manager Avram Grant has launched a withering attack on the sections of the press who suggested that there was a rift in the Blues camp following their Carling Cup final defeat. After losing 2-1 to Tottenham Hotspur at Wembley last Sunday, Chelsea came under attack in the tabloids in reports of a pre-match bust-up between first-team coach Henk Ten Cate and captain John Terry. Grant believes that much of the coverage has been over the top and the Israeli says he has lost respect for large portions of the media. He said: "If you speak about the last game, we didn't play well and we lost. The other five months, it was okay. "Sunday was a bad game, a bad day in the life of the team. It happens sometimes. We lost the game but we are fighters and we move on. "The spirit is very good in the team, the situation is very good with the team. We're sorry about what happened against Tottenham. I'm sorry, but we did a good job in the previous five months. "I have no problem in relation with anyone at the club. We have a very good relationship with the staff, the players, with everyone. "It's not been easy, but we've won a lot of games together. I speak with Roman Abramovich a lot of times. No-one was happy with what happened in the game on Sunday. "I respect the media in England, even though you gave me no credit at the beginning, but since then I've heard a lot of lies. "Roman Abramovich has never told me one player that he needs to play, never told me to pick the team this way or that. I'm in charge. Please, you need to respect my professionalism. "You didn't behave too nicely. Now I don't respect you too much because we lost one game and you've taken it too far. I don't like it. You hurt my players, you hurt the club and this is not the right way. "You have to see the facts of what's happened in the last few months and give respect to the players and to me for what we have achieved."

Source: ESA