Ballboys in sporting fixtures have much more to do than just waste time

25 January 2013 01:16
Steven Boyd, head ballboy this season at Manchester United, for instance, recently received an award for his outstanding work on the touchline.

Earlier this month Sir Bobby Charlton presented him with the Torch Trophy Trust's prize, given for services to the community. Boyd was, so the citation read, a superb role model.

Not only does he do the honours for United at every home game, instructing his fellow ball boys on procedure, ensuring they uphold the highest of standards, he also worked as a volunteer during the Olympics, taking on ballboy duties in football matches at Old Trafford.

Nor is it just in football that ballboys have been deemed to have interfered in play.

At the Millennium Stadium in March 2011, Ireland's rugby players were left fuming when a ballboy chucked a ball with such dispatch to Wales's Matthew Rees he was able to take a quick throw-in, from which his side fashioned the game's winning try.

Source: telegraph

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