Ancelotti dismisses swine flu fears

28 October 2009 07:26
Chelsea coach Carlo Ancelotti gave his squad a clean bill of health amid scares of a possible outbreak of swine flu at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea's 5-0 victory over Blackburn last Saturday has become overshadowed by cases of swine flu among the Rovers squad. The Blues were told Blackburn had a problem with the H1N1 virus the day before their clash, but Ancelotti is unconcerned some of his players may yet develop flu-like symptoms.

"I'm not worried," said Ancelotti. "The flu is not only on the pitch, it's everywhere. We take all the precautions and we want to think about playing, that's it."

He added: "We are not worried about this problem because we've taken all the precautions.

"I know very well what I have to do if I have the flu. It's not a medical prescription. It's my grandmother's prescription - hot milk. Alcohol - red wine. Fantastic."

Some Chelsea players swapped shirts after the game against Rovers but despite general medical advice not to shake hands or swap shirts, Ancelotti said his side would carry on as normal.

"We will do the same things we normally do," added the Italian coach.

"It's not a problem. I think the players have stayed very well up to this moment."

Source: Eurosport