Analyzing Chelsea's attacking options

05 December 2012 09:49

Chelsea's lack of options up front has been widely criticised throughout the first half of the season. Chelsea left themselves with only two recognised strikes in Torres and Sturridge at the start of the season in hope to let Torres play with no threat to his starting place, however after more poor form from the Spaniard it is looking increasingly likely Abromovich will admit defeat and dive back into his pockets to supply the Chelsea side with a new striker, but who are his options.

The favourite is the well known Falcao with a goal scoring record up there with Messi and Ronaldos and 1/3 of his shots hitting the back of the net, he was always going to be linked to big clubs and with big spenders City interested the price has been rumoured to go as high as £100million.

Taison is another option that would leave a substantially smaller hole in Mr. Abramovich's wallet. Currently playing in Ukraine he has been known to sometimes play a wider role for his club Metalist as well as upfront. This could mean a supporting role to Torres not a replacement striker, which would suit the owner as he doesn't want to see his precious £50million investment go to waste, although in my opinion there is no saving the train wreck that is Torres.

Other names like Benzema, Huntelaar and Gomez have been suggested but a cost free option is Romelu Lukaku. He is on loan from Chelsea at West Brom and is scoring on a regular basis. The Drogba like powerhouse is still only 19 and could become the new rock in the Chelsea attack.

The last and most unpopular option would be Fernando Torres himself. While many may think 'NO WAY,' the Chelsea owner has a rather large soft spot for Torres and may feel the £1billion he has invested in Chelsea since he arrived is enough, at least until summer rolls around.

I think most Chelsea fans wince in pain at the idea of keeping Torres as the one and only striker, and would love to see Falcao brace the Premier League at Stamford Bridge, but if you disagree with Falcao as a choice and have any other suggestions comment bellow on who you think should be the next Chelsea star.

Source: DSG