A list of La Liga Players that the Premier League's top clubs should invest in

By 28 March 2013 11:07

This season their have been a number of top transfers, the most notable of which was Robin Van Persie moving to Manchester United. However sometimes the biggest players don’t always have the biggest impact, as Michu proved when he moved from Rayo Vallecano to Swansea City for a fee of £2 million. The money paid for the forward has most definitely been returned with Michu netting 15 goals so far this season.

So what other La Liga players should premier league teams be looking at?

1. Hugo Mallo - Celta De Vigo

This young right back could be a brilliant signing for teams in the lower half of the league. At the tender age of 21 he has played in Celta De Vigo’s first team for 3 seasons, and has therefore gained the experience and faced the kind of tough competition he will need to be used to for the Premier League. The only downside to this player is the recent Cruciate Ligament injury that has ruled him out for the rest of the season, however this could allow a side to pick him up for a very small fee. Around £2-3 million should be enough to gain his signature, which could be a crude investment.

2.Inigo Martinez - Real Sociedad

This player has been on the Barcelona spectrum for a number of years, however they are yet to make a move, and for this reason other teams should pounce. With a number clubs in the premier league lacking in the Centre Back position this young player should be on the transfer list of at least some of the clubs in the league. However unfortunately he will not come as cheap as Hugo Mallo. However if Barcelona do not make a move for the youngster then a premier league outfit could secure his future for as little as £4.5 million.

3.Gustavo Cabral

A centre-back for Spanish side Celta De Vigo, he is currently on loan from Arsenal de sarandi. This player is on loan, not because of his age, he’s 27, but because he may be seen as surplus to requirements by the argentine side. For this reason he could be picked up for around the £1 million mark. He is a very strong centre back in the air, and also enjoys to attempt to play the ball out from the back. In fact he has one of the highest pass completion rates of all Centre Backs in La Liga.

4. Leonardo Carrilho Baptistao

A striker for Rayo Vallecano, who is also superb at playing on the right wing. At just 20 years old this player is playing with confidence. He enjoys having the ball at his feet and isn’t afraid to hit that 30 yard shot. This player at a club without financial worries would be sold for quite a sizeable figure, probably around the £6-£7 million mark. However poorly Rayo Vallecano haven’t got the funds that many other clubs have and therefore this player could be picked up for a fraction of the price. As Michu showed in the summer, they are willing to let their best go to help the financial climate at the club.

5.Francisco Medina Luna, aka Piti

Another Rayo Vallecano player on the list, however he is at the other end of the age spectrum to Leo. At 31 this player isn’t going to be an investment, infact he may have very little wholesale value at all after a few seasons at a Premier League club. However with his contract set to expire at the end of the season some premier league clubs should really be monitoring this player. He players very exciting football and can feature anywhere across the front or midfield. However his best position is either sat behind a striker or on the right wing. This player could prove a very clever acquisition for a club such as Norwich or maybe even Swansea, linking him back up to his old team mate Michu. Even if he signs a new contract from now until the end of the season, this player could still be purchased from Rayo, and for a very small fee.

So their we have it, just a few players from the wealth of talent over in La Liga that could easily be picked up for relatively small fees. However as we know the transfer market is not always that simple, and it may be that come next season none of these players move, which would be a shame as they would only add to the excitement of the Premier League

Do you agree that Premier League clubs should be looking at these players, or do you think there are other players out there that could be had on a shoe-string? Have your say in the comments below.

Source: DSG