My beloved club, Charlton Athletic

24 June 2013 09:30

I realised that I hadn't gone onto there website to see what has been happening in June. There where no signs of any new players, or players on loan, even players coming through the youth teams. The only thing that had changed was there new sponsor, no disrespect to the new sponsor who is a local air conditioning company, which just goes to show that a sleeping giant as this east London club, just didn't get big named companies fighting each other to sponsor the club for the new season, why, well its all about TV coverage and TV rights which equals millions of pounds in the purse.

The club and the supporters idolise players that quite frankly are not good enough for the premiership. The best player they have is solly, who was voted player of the year for Charlton last season.

Charlton in the higher division, the championship had a hard season, with the fans gradually getting frustrated and getting on the backs of players when they started to leak goals at home, and lose games, even to teams like Barnsley who out played them at the valley with so much possession with a club that was edging towards the bottom four.

For the supporter its very frustrating because the manager and the board of directors are in denial, they are simply not good enough to be at the top of the championship fighting for promotion. Unfortunately, the club needs good foreign players instead of home grown players, players who are so comfortable on the ball, and know how to run down the clock, to score great goals, to make things happen and demoralise the opposition, and defend confidently, and play it out rather than kick it 30 yards to a player who has no chance of getting control of it, or is man marked , often by two players. In a nut shell from what I have seen all season, unless the players can control and dictate the game, to pass the ball comfortably, and make an abundance amount of passes to a shot or goal, and to defend as one, I cant see them getting out of this division.

As a fan of Charlton I hope that I am proved wrong for the new season. We can only dream of an oligard taking fancy to this majestic sleeping giant and feed it with money. What we don't want is another Gold brother and co, i.e. Karen Brady to have a play thing as they did with Birmingham City, they did well to fill the black financial hole and wastage the club went through for many seasons, but at the end, the club was seen as a business and was sold to the highest foreign bidder and move onto the next one.


Source: DSG