Early season blip for Charlton

By 17 August 2013 08:17

Its fine to lose the first two games to the start of the championship.Its now up to the manager Chris Powell who is an ex Charlton player and who has that added passion with his ties to the club, better than most managers in this league to get the team back on winning ways.

I also do believe that the Charlton supporters who are second to non in the passion supporting the club, especially at home, do need to get behind them from the minute the team gets onto the field , to the final whistle, what is disappointing is the fans leaving 15 minutes before the end whether Charlton are winning or not, that has a direct effect on the players.

However, the in-house band with the trumpet, "sound that bugle" is a must for this team, an added boost every time it sounds, and lets give the opposition a game, and a run for their wages.

As Charlton find themselves with selling key players during pre-season, but still with the talent they have on the park, and the two non league players just beginning to gel into the team and for them, the big time, the Charlton fans must help this team through voice, push this unit to goal by the great atmosphere that I know this club has day in and day out, so lets give the players our gift as supporters, as Man United do with their massive support, give them our love and atmosphere to get them through this temporary blip.


Source: DSG

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