Charlton Travel to QPR After Home Defeat

13 November 2013 01:33

If I am honest I have to question how a player for Leeds scored four times against Charlton last Saturday. It could go as far to say it was an embarrassment for the club and a professional blunder by the manager and the coaching staff. I say this because once the same player scores twice in one match, surely he should be marked out of the game, instead it became a shooting competition in a primary school for him, one that he will saver to tell the grand kids, I assume he was given the match ball afterwards.

This quite frankly has to stop, Charlton’s home record this season is abysmal, they have managed to scrap for a one goal win away in the last few games, but if this continues, Charlton will be lodged in the bottom half of this league. The problem lays with the quality of the players that Charlton have, many where sold last season by the manager thinking it was fine to do so, and it would not impact the performance, of course it has, and there is naivety in this club throughout management and ownership.

Any professional team in this league can play good football, but confidence is a judging factor, a factor that this team does not currently have. Chris Powell must lift his players and take some of the blame, although I strongly suspect that the orders to sell good players pre season came from the board of directors.

Charlton will be entertained by the on form QPR who look as if they are destined back to the premiership. There are some surprising teams up there fighting for promotion, and judging by the quality of its players, Charlton has a chance to turn this season around and be in with contention. All great managers can transform players to give there best, and I wonder if this manager has the capacity, experience, even knowledge to do just that as it totally rests with him on Charlton’s performances this season.


Source: DSG