Charlton travel to Blackburn and need to wake up

19 October 2013 08:36

Charlton are now hovering around the bottom of the championship, in the last 2 games they managed to notch up 2 points. The game on Saturday at Ewood Park is a crunch match for this club, the rot has to stop, and it must stop now.

The question is whether the team has players that are capable of winning games and to stay in this division at the end of the season. If it where the premiership, I would have said NO. But there are some clubs in this division who can be beaten, and the management need to start thinking on damage limitation simply because of the quality of players it has on the park. I know many supporters have jumped on the wagon to criticise my column, that I am not a true supporter, but a true supporter does not sit back and watch this club lose matches, the points speak for them selves, so far the only way is down, that is the facts. This club does not have the money to buy star players as the London neighbours do. But this club, especially the manager and the directors need to wake up and smell the coffee. This team is not good enough, apart from a few, so what does the club do, I did suggest loaning and off loaning, but, again this club is in its own bubble, until it bursts that is, and its too late.

If those who believe that they are happy to see this club go down to div 1 and pay there £20, or get this club on an ambitious trail for money to come in, and not have CAFC home news on youth captain players signing a new contract, quite frankly, put these players on match day and they will just fall apart.

This club needs ambition, and people in the decision making to be ambitious, but, lets be honest, this club has always been classed as a family club, nothing wrong with that, but if fans want to pay the £20 quid day in day out in this division and lower, so be it, or be in the premiership with money, players of quality and have already proved themselves abroad at big clubs, and the club becoming corporate as the big clubs are.

Be honest many supporters just don’t want that, they don’t want to pay the £52 for a B game in the premiership as West Ham fans do., that’s why this manager is still in this job and the directors just go about doing what they do.


Source: DSG

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