Charlton travel to Birmingham City

31 October 2013 10:26

Charlton go to Birmingham with a better healthier position than they where 2 weeks ago, they beat Blackburn away and managed a goalless draw at home to Wigan last week.

This team should be fine to remain in this league to the end of the season, however, as I said before, this team is not capable of getting to the play-offs. The team has battled hard to get either a 1-0 win or a goalless draw, this is not a team that can win cups or get results against the top clubs in this league. I just wonder whether Chris Powell the Charlton Manager can survive for another season, it will come to a point when the fans will want Charlton to get the results it did, when the club got promotion to the championship. I know I have battered this team this season, but, the truth needed to be told, and if my constructive criticism gets the players motivated or the manager, then that is a good thing for this club, and as it seems as with its fans, happy to go nowhere fast. I ask our supporters, when have you heard Charlton mentioned in the media other than Charlton, that speaks volumes. We want this club not only to just exist in these leagues, but to have some ambition from the grounds man to the director to get this club on its feet and into the play-offs to the big time.

As I said before, if an offer from a Russian came in to buy the club and propel it to the premiership with super star players, would the fans want that, to turn a family club into a big London corporate club like its neighbours, I feel the board of directors alone would turn a blind eye to any offer just to keep control of it, and it is this control that is squeezing the club out of ambition. If we want to pay our £20.00 for a home game rather than £54.00 at a London premiership club, then so be it. We will always be labelled as the Family Club, where we would get floating ticket payers on the day because its cheap, and they may work out by half time who Charlton are in the red colours.


Source: DSG