Charlton, This Simply Can Not Go On

30 September 2013 11:18

Charlton suffered yet another defeat this time to Burnley away who outclassed them and showed more momentum and desire to make chances and take the win.

This team from what I have seen this season is not capable of surviving this league as it progresses yet alone, talk about the top six or even automatic promotion. There will come a time when the board will have to take the responsibility and do something about what is going on on the pitch. Is it the tactics that Chris Powell and his coaching staff are lacking, you hear of the big clubs losing respect from the players and not playing as a team and it shows on the pitch, with lack of effort.

I do not believe that this is the case with Charlton, I simply believe that this team is simply not good enough in this top tier. Chris Powell made an alternate mistake pre-season by selling good players, who did so much for the club in the last 2 seasons, and could have progressed well this season, this I am certain. However, the players on this team not only are standard players, but from what I have seen, as soon as the team goes down a goal, the heads drop, and there is no fight back.

The responsibility must rest with the board of directors and the manager, if nothing changes and fast, this sleeping giant in London will go back to Division 1.


Source: DSG