Charlton see the light at the end of the tunnel

24 August 2013 01:56

With a good draw away from home last week, it was a good result considering that Charlton had lost 2 game on a trot, the first game of the season away and then at home to Middlesborough.

Charlton entertain Doncaster Rovers this afternoon, and as I said before, this team has a lot to prove with so many key players having left the club during pre-season. Its up to the Charlton fans who are second to none if not the whole of Europe to be fully behind this team vocally from the first whistleto the last.

Charlton are an entertaining, exiting team to watch and a fantastic passing team that ooze confidence as they string passes together to cut through theopponents defence, usually and bravely through the middle. So lets get together today and give the players our full support, no criticising, or frustration that will only be a negative flavour to the atmosphere, if Charltonwant to be in there fighting for promotion this season, then the fans must be and remain positive not just for the team but for the sake of the manager Chris Powell who will no doubt have the pressure of being a manager of a sleeping giant and just needs to find the key to unlock its full potential.


Source: DSX