Charlton Needs To Get It's House In Order

05 July 2013 11:38

There we are on the brink of getting someone from the same money stock as the Chelsea owner, and all we get on the Charlton website is that they are monitoring someone from Dorchester Rovers, or is it Dorchester Utd, makes no difference, if we want to be in the small time, and have other big fan clubs laugh at us, then, lets all go on this route.

The board of directors need to keep an open mind on any genuine opportunities that will prosper the club and for its survival. Charlton supporters would love to see this club in the premiership playing big clubs, and fighting for Europe, what we don’t want to see is this club playing in these lower divisions for the next 10 years, and announcements from the club that they are looking at some player who quite frankly to me looks a bit heavy and would be lost in this division because they are simply not good enough. There I am saying this club needs players, better players if they are going to compete in the premiership if they ever get there, and in the big time, you get punished if you don’t take the little chances you get, with ball passing, and possession that is mouth watering, and what is this club doing, its looking to bring in players from non league clubs, if they are going to do that just get the player in don’t announce that they are monitoring them, its makes our club look so small, and quite frankly laughable, I can hear it as far as Palace.


Source: DSG