Charlton need to admit they made a mistake during pre season

27 August 2013 11:06

Charlton have lost 2 league games, and one defeat by abandonment at home to the start of the new season.

Charlton where out played on the park by Doncaster, not only that, the defence was inadequate to provide basic marking skills, instead, Doncaster where 3 - 0 up by half time.

In the interview with Chris Powell not only was he shocked of his teams performance, but also concerned of the through weakness of his team.

If a professional club sells 6 good players in pre season this is what happens if the squad is not good enough or big enough, by saving money and the lack of spending from the transfer fees, this is the result.

Chris Powell will have to do something should Charlton lose yet again at home to Leicester this Saturday.

The only immediate option is to buy players that are good enough to play down the spine of the team and keep it together on the park, they at least need 3 new quality players, central defence, mid field and, a centre forward who has the experience of scoring goals and has proved himself to be prolific in his field.

I am sure opinions on this article will be fierce and fast, but, the facts are, Charlton are 4th from the bottom of the championship with just one point, these defeats and the performance so far could be the slipping of this club back to the league that no one at this club wants to see it in.

Source: DSX