Charlton must treat Leicester game as Cup Final

By 31 August 2013 09:46

Charlton will have to treat tomorrows game at home as if it where a cup final, the club has to stop the rot, the bad start to the season. Charlton will have to fight for every ball and use the skill they had last season, "and that is up the tempo". If Leicester who are flying at the moment in the top part of the championship are allowed to settle, there telling passes could see Charlton being down on goals.

No one is to blame to the bad start, but Chris Powell must grab hold of the Raine's and make sure that the players go out tomorrow with a positive attitude, they must treat this game as if they depend on it, then other clubs will start to fear them both at home and away as a good London club, if they don't, there backs will be against the clubs in this division who can smell fear and uncertainty in a team and bring it to its knees.

The new players who have been brought into the club from pre season on ability and get the job done have failed so far and that is a fact, not a judgement or a criticism, and they need to take a long hard look at there performances this season as professional players in the calibre of this division and play for the manager and the club/supporters if they are to get out of this rut, and start moving upwards.


Source: DSG