Charlton in with the big boys

02 July 2013 09:53

There are whispers through South London that a Russian oligard has taken interest in Charlton Athletic.

The question is, are the clubs board of directors and the fans willing to change the club overnight as once the ownership has changed and the big bucks start flooding in, something that Charlton have never ever had, then there is a very fine line between being a family club and a big London club, and with all that a big club is accustomed to such as big sponsors and TV right in the higher division, and of course the ticket prices, from what they are now for a basic seat at £20.00 to a sudden jump of £45.00.

The question also remains how long will it take for the team to get into the premiership, as Manchester City did when they where bought by practically a wealthy eastern nation.

The first thing that will go will sadly eventually be the players who simply are not good enough apart from Jackson and Solly to be in the premiership. Foreign players with price tags will eventually overtake the team if it is to play premiership football in the next few years, and above all stay there.

Eventually with so much Russian money about and the big houses in London bought that only the estate agents are very welcoming, it looks set that most of the London clubs will be bought out by one foreign investor. Leyton Orient would love to be a contender and out of Barry Hearn’s hands to get out of there financial situation and compete as a professional London team should.

Source: DSG