Charlton are back on the right road

29 November 2013 01:40

Charlton won convincingly on Tuesday night, and the attendance would have been greater if the railway authorities at London bridge would have got there act together in view of a fire incident, as this was for many the only route to Charlton from the city.

Having seen Doncaster at the weekend, they where above the rest in that game, the skill and passing and willing to get forward was brilliant. Charlton need to thank themselves for beating such a side, and it is now time to turn that next page to head for the top tier of this league.

Charlton face Ipswich at home this weekend, and should they beat this team they stand to jump higher than before in the season. If they treat this game as a cup match, as important to the start of there campaign to promotion, then I see no issues with Charlton having players to beat this side. I still believe that Charlton need to look at a few players during the January transfer window if they are to reach this goal.

If there is consistency this year, then as this is the key, they should be near or thereabouts of the play offs at the end of the season. As always I urge our fans to roar the roof off, and give our players and manager the lift they need to see them through a victory this Saturday at the valley, and orchestrated as always by our supporters band.


Source: DSG