Ambrose would add quality - Derry

02 June 2009 11:00
Midfielder Ambrose is set to leave Charlton following their relegation to League One and is reported to have agreed a switch across south London to Selhurst Park.

"You look at the history of the player, the calibre of the player - he has played in the Premiership when he had a cracking move from Ipswich to Newcastle and at the time Newcastle were top four or five," Derry told the club's official website.

"So I don't think you go to places like that if you are no good. And I know he's been involved in a relegation season, but at the same time he has been a name on a number of Championship managers' lists for the past four or five years.

"He has obviously played for our rivals, but at the same time when good players become available you want to try to get them."

Source: Team_Talk